September 20, 2019



The Company

Graham Davies Geological Consultants (GDGC) Ltd. was founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1983. The company provides geological consulting services to the Canadian petroleum industry. The company also has conducted international geological projects in association with geophysicists, petroleum engineers and geochemists.

Major activities through 1989 to 2004 focussed on regional multi-client stratigraphic projects, including facies interpretation of sandstone and carbonate reservoir units in western Canada, and hydrothermal (thermobaric) dolomite reservoirs in Canada and internationally. Training and other technical courses are presented by the principal of the company to engineers and geologists through various professional organizations, and to individual companies. Current activities are mainly exclusive consulting, multi-client projects in joint-venture with Canadian Discovery Ltd., courses for geologists and engineers, and dolomite research funded by the Quest Foundation.

The principal (President) of the company is Graham R. Davies, Ph.D, P.Geol.
The acronym GDGC is used to identify the company instead of a graphic logo.



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