August 22, 2019



Active Projects

All GDGC multi-client projects off confidential, available: see Projects.

Geological component, CO2 sequestration project, NE BC: in progress

Multi-client projects in joint venture with Canadian Discovery:

  • Beaverhill Lake Project, west-central Alberta: completed
  • Bakken Project, SE Saskatchewan: completed
  • Bakken Project, North Dakota: completed
  • Montney regional facies and hydrodynamics: completed
  • Montney regional correlation grid and core graphics: completed
  • Montney Tight Gas Project – Phase I: in progress
  • Montney core seminar: scheduled for May 19–22, 2009
  • go to for more information.

2008-9 External advisor, NSERC-supported undergraduate research program of Yee Ping Chau, University of Calgary (Dr. Paul Hoskin, supervisor), on Mg isotope signature of Cambrian-hosted hydrothermal dolomite and magnesite of black shales associated with World Heritage Burgess Shale fauna.

Dolomite research funded by Quest Foundation: now focussed on origin of dolomite in Triassic Baldonnel Fm, NE British Columbia, and vertical temperature and isotopic profile through Middle Devonian dolomite gas field in NE British Columbia.

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