Debolt NE BC Phase 2 Baldonnel Charlie Lake NE BC Bald. Phase 1 Debolt NE BC Phase 1 Montney Phase 6 Montney Phase 2 Montney-Worsley Phase 5 HTD Reservoir Project NWT, BC, ALB Baldonnel NE BC Phase 2 Montney Phase 1 Montney Phase 3 Montney Phase 4 West and South Cold Lake Oil Sands Project Mannville Project Phase 2 Mannville Project Phase 1 Mississippian, Foothills of SW ALB Missippian Of Snowbird Tectonic Zone - Caroline Trend, South-Central Alberta Random Selection of Proprietary Project Titles

Lithofacies interpretation and reservoir potential of Permian carbonates, north central and peninsular Thailand
Lithofacies, structural overprint and reservoir facies analysis of Mississippian Turner Valley core, Wildcat Hills Field Unit, southwestern Alberta
The Crossfield Project, Garrington-Olds area, Alberta
Lithofacies of Devonian thin-section samples, Sugden area, east-central Alberta

Lithofacies and porosity controls in Middle Devonian Sulphur Point carbonates, Bistcho area, northwestern Alberta

Image: SEM photo of microporosity in "leached limestone" reservoir facies, Devonian of western Canada
Geological and tectonic framework of the Republic of Ghana, and petroleum geology of the Tano Basin, southwestern Ghana
Reservoir quality analysis of Middle Devonian Winnipegosis reefs, Macoun - Benson area, southeastern Saskatchewan
Petrographic and reservoir quality analysis of Husky-Bow Valley et al Panther P-52, Grand Banks, offshore Newfoundland
Lithofacies and reservoir characteristics of Upper Devonian Leduc reefs, Joffre D-38 pool, south-central Alberta
Petroleum geology and engineering review of the Upper Ordovician-lowermost Silurian Risha Member of the Dubeidib Formation, Risha gasfield area, northeastern Jordan
Phosphate mineralization in the Jurassic Nordegg Formation of western Canada
Stratigraphic unit picks, Mississippian Debolt Formation, selected wells, northeastern B.C.
Petroleum geology of the Mississippian Debolt Formation, Dunvegan field area northwestern Alberta
Middle Devonian Beaver River Nahanni/Dunedin Hydrothermal dolomite reservoir project, northeastern BC and NWT
Lithofacies, diagenesis and reservoir controls in Upper Devonian Leduc and Nisku carbonates, Simonette to Ricinus area, "Deep Basin" of western Alberta
Image: Massive strom in reef margin setting, Devonian of western Canada
Clarke Lake Slave Point - Keg River reservoir project, NE BC
Matrix fracture reservoir characteristics, Middle Devonian Keg River Fm, Stern area, northwestern Alberta
Caribou Lake Clearwater 'B' Project
Reservoir quality analysis of Upper Cretaceous Doe Creek sandstone samples, northwestern Alberta
Facies and reservoir trends, Triassic Halfway Formation, ClearHills area, northwestern Alberta
Mississippian "Waulsortian"reefs, Pekisko Formation, Seal area, northwestern Alberta
Lithofacies and reservoir quality of the Upper Devonian Nisku Formation, west-central Alberta
Lithofacies of the Lower Triassic Montney Formation, Sexsmith area, northwestern Alberta


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